Heavy Equipment Parts

Wards association with U.S. partners, suppliers and other major manufacturers puts it in a leading position for all your parts and major component needs in the mining, construction and forestry sectors. Ward’s can provide pumps, motors, and final drives for a wide variety of the excavator and mobile equipment market. We are able to provide our customers with a superior component parts alternative to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), and other aftermarket channels, by combining advanced engineering, specialized manufacturing, global sourcing and quality assurance that is equivalent or superior to the OEMs, with highly competitive pricing, delivery and service.

Through Ward’s, both new and remanufactured parts and components are available for large off-road mining trucks, mobile equipment and shovels manufactured by Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Terex, WABCO, O&K, P&H and Bucyrus. Major component parts include:

  • Mechanical / Electrical Drive Solutions
  • H-E Proprietary extended life CAT mechanical solutions
  • Wheel ends and wheel motors
  • Crawler components for large shovels and excavators
  • Structural (pins, steering, spindles, tie rods)
  • Hydraulic (pumps, cylinders, tanks)
  • Braking systems (dry and wet disc systems)
  • Electrical components (wide variety for trucks and shovels)

Electric Wheel Motors

Most Caterpillar Haul Truck Components

Komatsu Shovel Parts

Komatsu Truck Parts

The Primary Focus of Our Manufacturer is on Value:

  • Quality comparable to, or exceeding, OEM’s
  • Product re-engineering, design and quality improvements to extend component life
  • Responsive, quick and tailored solutions for individual customers
  • Certified new component manufacture and remanufacture to zero-hour condition
  • Competitive prices through low overheads and effective global sourcing
  • Serving client needs throughout product life-cycles
  • Comprehensive after-sale support for products