Graco Lubrication Products


  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Maximize Performance
  • Minimize Downtime


With Graco automatic lubrication systems you get:

  • Increased productivity—Longer machine life and reduced downtime
  • Reduced operating costs—Reduced repair labor and component costs
  • More efficient lubrication—Small, carefully controlled amounts when needed


Graco System Components


Metering is the heart of the system


  • Accuracy, reliability and durability–all designed into Graco metering devices.
  • Long-runs, high psi, continuous lube…whatever your lubrication requirements, Graco has you covered.



Controllers to keep you informed!

If control is what you need, Graco has time- or cycle-based controllers for any application. Choose the monitor you need for cycle completion, high system pressure, low lube indication, low pressure and more!


Monitoring and detection accessories to complete your system

Graco supplies a wide variety of high quality accessories to complete your system. Choose from simple shut down devices, low level switches or blow out discs for high pressure detection or performance indicators.



Pumps with muscle to do the job right!

If you need a pump, Graco makes it! The Graco line-up includes pumps for grease and oil with a wide variety of outputs to handle everything from your smallest to your largest jobs.



John Deere 870 Excavator/Graco Grease System