Health and Safety

Ward’s may not be a large company; however it is and always has been BIG on safety and in ensuring the well being and protection of its employees. Ward’s has a comprehensive Health and Safety management program that has served well in setting the stage for the safety standards in place at Ward’s that become a condition of employment for every employee that joins the company.

Ward’s strict adherence to its commitment to workplace health and safety has benefited the company and its employees since its inception; so much so that Ward’s has an enviable and almost blemish-free safety record. This statement is supported by the fact that Ward’s has always been able to meet the pre-qualification safety requirements put into play by some of the largest and most safety conscious companies in the world, and Ward’s is regularly complimented for its approach to safety and actual safety performance on the job. Most employees will proclaim that it is because of Ward’s approach to safety that they prefer to work for Ward’s.

Ward’s is regularly tested for its approach and adherence to workplace health and safety by different clients involved in the mining and energy sectors across western Canada, and Ward’s is again most often complimented for its efforts in this regard. Like most other progressive companies that work in these sectors, Ward’s does maintain a current Certificate of Recognition that is jointly issued by the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Construction Safety Association. This serves to validate the comprehensive nature of a company’s health and safety program and the extent to which it is implemented and applied.