Quality Assurance

Ward’s prides itself in its approach and commitment toward achieving excellence as it relates to quality assurance. In order to maintain this objective, all installation, servicing and preventative maintenance work is supported through the execution of Ward’s comprehensive “Inspection/Verification Report” protocol which is a part of Ward’s Quality Assurance Program and is believed to be the most comprehensive in the industry. All such documentation is retained and placed on file for future reference. Ward’s is known for its precision in workmanship excellence and has consequently earned a reputation for being the best equipment fire protection company in the business.

To support the above objective, Ward’s has developed its own comprehensive QA/QC program that has been designed specifically to its business; probably an industry first! Ward’s QA/QC program is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Quality Assurance, gives the owner/client the confidence that the completed installation and/or service, repair work has been completed with optimum care and then verified by one or more Ward’s personnel that were not actually involved in that work.
  • Quality Control, this aspect of Ward’s program ensures that all completed work is measured and/or tested to ensure functionality and complete reliability. The required steps are inclusive of the earlier mentioned QA/QC program.
  • Quality Assessment represents the other step taken by Ward’s to test and verify the overall care and competency of those doing the work on a day-to-day basis. To achieve this, those in the company that are skilled and trained at the highest level of the trade go behind already inspected work to validate the accuracy and professionalism of those that routinely carry out the inspections.
  • Record Keeping that is detailed and complete must follow all work that is carried out by Ward’s personnel. Ward’s field technicians are required to retain all worksheets that would support final reporting and to report all concerns or even the slightest doubt about work/installation reliability to management immediately to ensure prompt and proper action is taken. Ward’s program includes all applicable forms that have been developed specifically to the activity being carried out.
  • Total Quality Management, represents Ward’s approach to focus on continuous improvement in relation to how the work is executed with efficiency in mind, quality enhancement changes and overall reliability.